July 20, 2023

Mature Model Photoshoot

Branding Photoshoot

Meet Roya! Roya is a beautiful 50’s + women who wanted to try her hand at modeling! She hired me because she felt it was important to get professional photos done giving modeling agencies & potential clients a great first impression of her modeling skills. When planning a photo shoot it is important to have a large variety of images in different outfits & situations so we needed to be strategic! As Roya is athletic & in great shape we wanted to show her best attributes & personality so we came up with several looks and locations that would optimize her chances of getting hired!  We also kept in mind that a good headshot & body shot were a must as most agencies require at least those two shots. Based on Roya’s type we planned these specific shots & locations!  Beach location, gym/exercise, classic & elegant dress, Office business women . Remember it’s never too late to begin a modeling career! Here are a few shots from our shoot!